Original “PS2EXE” migrated from MS Technet Gallery to Github

This is more “for the record” than it makes real sense. But why not? For a few years “PS2EXE” was represented on Technet and has over 90.000 downloads to date. That is super great. – Meanwhile there is also a successor, which I didn’t develop, but it seems to be alive. That makes me happy, even if a bit wistful, because I didn’t manage to stay on the ball with this little project.

So here is the link: https://github.com/ikarstein/ps2exe

One thought on “Original “PS2EXE” migrated from MS Technet Gallery to Github

  1. Hi Karsten. Die ps2exe sieht irgendwie den Fall nicht vor, dass man mit PS 5 arbeitet. Ich habe mir einen eigenen Abfrageblock für die PS 5 gebaut, dann passt es.
    Besten Dank!
    Gruß Thilo

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