kenaflow – Enterprise Business Automation with PowerShell

Almost exactly four years ago I started developing the software kenaflow. The project started as a workflow engine for SharePoint. Meanwhile the software can do a lot more, e.g. workflows for email inboxes.

Workflows with kenaflow work via PowerShell scripts: The data to be processed is passed individually to one or more scripts. What the developer does there is his/her business.

kenaflow creates the framework and takes care of the execution (scheduling).

kenaflow provides HTTPS endpoints, e.g. for web hooks or SharePoint remote events.

The whole thing is mega flexible and scalable.

Interested? Then feel free to send me a message! – kenaflow is free for the first six months in the full version!

The latest offering is kenaflow as a hosted cloud service. We provide kenaflow on a dedicated virtual machine per customer. You develop workflow scripts via Visual Studio Code Remote – using SSH. – Even on the smallest virtual machine you can run an unlimited number of workflows, limited only by the computational intensity and execution frequency of your workflows.

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