Blank / Empty pages when Accessing a Modern Experience page of SharePoint Server Subscription Edition

Resently I installed a new SharePoint Server Subscription Edition but in this case only with the latest security update (

When I opened the home page of the newly created root site collection everything seems fine. But when navigation to some link in the quick launch I only got empty / blank pages. No errors in the Developer tools. Just no content.

(There was almost no content in the HTML DOM. Just the <head> tag with some content and the <body> tag with 1 <script> tag…)

After searching in the SharePoint logs I found this error:

Error encountered when creating uri from baseUrl /_layouts/15/next/odspnext/.

It helped me to find this page of Stefan Goßner:

This information is about ShgarePoint 2019 but the message and even the error code is identical.

So I installed the lastest available “language dependent” patch of January 2022:

After installing it and after running the config wizard all the pages contents are shown!

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