OCSetup and DISM: Component Names

If you want to install windows features by script you have to use one of the tool OCSETUP oder DISM.

start /w ocsetup <component_name>
dism /online /enable-feature:<component_name>

BUT: What are the “component names” for the Windows features? First of all: These “component names” are technical names, not the “display names” you will find in Control Panel -> Turn Windows features on or off

You can get a list of the available features if DISM tool is available:

dism /online /get-features

BTW: The component names are case-sensitive!!! – E.g. the component name “NetFx3” (for “Microsoft .Net Framework 3.x”) is not the same as “netfx3”.

But sometimes the technical feature names are very diffrent from the display names. For example: “IIS-LegacySnapIn” is the name for this “IIS 6 Management Console”

Here you’ll find complete lists for the mapping of display name and technical component name

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