Demo project: Excel Export feature for SharePoint 2010

I’ve uploaded another private demo project. It was planned as part of an SharePoint solution I liked to create but I cannot finalize this project. So I publish this project as “stand alone” project…. You may find it useful.

You are invited to use / develop / update the project! Every help is welcome!

You find the source code here:

The project is ALPHA!!!

The intention of the project is to create a possibility to export SharePoint lists to "plain" Excel files. Not the kind of Excel files you can download by using the SharePoint standard functionality: With that you download a "linked" Excel file that contains a permanent connection the SharePoint. It’s a query. – With my project you’ll download a real XLSX file. – And you have the possibility to store an template file that contains formatting instructions.

It’s not finished but it works! – The test project included in the source code demonstrates the feature. Use "Test List 1". (Not "Test List 2".)

Some screenshots:

This is the “Test List 1”:


There is a link in the upper right. This you can use to download the Excel file:


When you click the link you get the well known download window:


Clicking “Open” will open the Excel Viewer – or the “real” Excel (that I do not have on my dev machine).


In Excel you can resize the “C” column.

May you have seen it: There is an error in the solution: Date values are not exported correctly. There is a gap of 1 day…

The goal is to implement a Ribbon button.

See the hidden list:


Have a look into the single Excel file:


Ok… Lots of work to do Smile

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