Issue starting User Code Service on SharePoint 2010

Today I started the “User Code Service” of SharePoint 2010 to enable execution of Sandboxed Solutions.

Before activation I’ve created a new domain account for the service (*), created a managed account for the new domain account and changed the service credentials in the Central Administration

(CA => Security => Configure service accounts =>


(*) This is the important step to run into the issue.


After starting the Service on a couple of machines (“Services on Server” page on CA => System Settings) I tried to upload and activate my Sandboxed Solution.

But without success:


(“No available sandboxed code execution server could be found.”)


The Problem: The corresponding Windows service “SharePoint 2010 User Code Host” A.K.A “SPUserCodeV4” was not running but configured for the right account:



After starting it manually I got this error(s) in the ULS log:


[Some BINGing arround later…]


The *new* user account for the User Code Service has not the corresponding right to access the Performance Counters it needs to do it’s job.

1 thought on “Issue starting User Code Service on SharePoint 2010

  1. Hello Sir ,
    Can you share a powershell script which can start and stop SharePoint User Code Host service.

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