Issue starting User Code Service on SharePoint 2010

Today I started the “User Code Service” of SharePoint 2010 to enable execution of Sandboxed Solutions.

Before activation I’ve created a new domain account for the service (*), created a managed account for the new domain account and changed the service credentials in the Central Administration

(CA => Security => Configure service accounts =>


(*) This is the important step to run into the issue.


After starting the Service on a couple of machines (“Services on Server” page on CA => System Settings) I tried to upload and activate my Sandboxed Solution.

But without success:


(“No available sandboxed code execution server could be found.”)


The Problem: The corresponding Windows service “SharePoint 2010 User Code Host” A.K.A “SPUserCodeV4” was not running but configured for the right account:



After starting it manually I got this error(s) in the ULS log:


[Some BINGing arround later…]


The *new* user account for the User Code Service has not the corresponding right to access the Performance Counters it needs to do it’s job.

One thought on “Issue starting User Code Service on SharePoint 2010

  1. Hello Sir ,
    Can you share a powershell script which can start and stop SharePoint User Code Host service.

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