Microsoft Teams App: Open Developer Tools

As widely known, Microsoft Teams runs on desktop computers with Windows OS or Mac OSX or Linux. The “Teams” app is based on “Electron” (

“Electron” runs a packaged web technology based app inside a Chromium based application.

Microsoft Teams is such a “web technology based app” that runs in such a Chromium based application locally on a computer.

Chromium normally offers “Developer Tools” to dig into the HTML / CSS / Javascriptg of a w web technology based application.

Normally the “Developer Tools” are disabled in “Microsoft Teams”.

But there is a trick to enable the “Developer Tools” on “Microsoft Teams”:

1. Windows

(Left) click 7 or more times on the “Teams” icon besides the clock.

Now right-click the icon once. There you see the Developer Tools:

2. Mac OSX

It’s almost the same with Mac OSX: There you click the “Teams” icon in the tray 7 times.

(I’ll add a screenshot later.)

3. Linux

Not tested.

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