Error during farm config: New-SPConfigurationDatabase failed with exception “The process does not passess the ‘SeSecurityPriviledge’ priviledge which is required for this operation.”

Today I tried to configure a new SharePoint farm. I got this error:


“The process does not passess the ‘SeSecurityPriviledge’ priviledge which is required for this operation.” – Although the account used to configure SharePoint is local administrator!!

After searching the internet I found that issue and a solution for that.

Check the Local Group policy or the Domain Group Policy and validate the Setting

Computer Configuration => Policies => Windows Settings => Security Settings => Local Policies => User Rights Assignments => Manage auditing and security log


If this setting is defined the account that is used to install SharePoint needs to be member of this setting. – Just add the account or the “local administrators” (“.Administrators”) group.

How to install SharePoint Server 2010 Language Pack SP1.

When you install SharePoint Server 2010 by using the official slipstreamed version that includes SP1 you may get an error while installing SP1 for several language packs.

“The expected version of the product was not found on the system – Error when trying to Install SharePoint Service pack”

Today I had this problem with this language packs:

  • German
  • French
  • Spain
  • Russian

Looking around the internet there was exactly the same issue described in a forum post:

(german, sorry. Try this automatic translation:

…but no solution.

I’ve found several hints in the internet that this is caused by using the official “SharePoint Server 2010 with SP1” setup media.


Some times later I found this site:


I tried to use the trick for the language pack SP1 installers:


W:SP_Setup240_SP1SPSserverlanguagepack2010sp1-kb2460056-x64-fullfile-de-de.exe PACKAGE.BYPASS.DETECTION.CHECK=1


This solved my issue. I was able to install the SP1 for all affected language packs. – I’m not sure this is a valid procedure for production systems.