Blank / Empty pages when Accessing a Modern Experience page of SharePoint Server Subscription Edition

Resently I installed a new SharePoint Server Subscription Edition but in this case only with the latest security update (

When I opened the home page of the newly created root site collection everything seems fine. But when navigation to some link in the quick launch I only got empty / blank pages. No errors in the Developer tools. Just no content.

(There was almost no content in the HTML DOM. Just the <head> tag with some content and the <body> tag with 1 <script> tag…)

After searching in the SharePoint logs I found this error:

Error encountered when creating uri from baseUrl /_layouts/15/next/odspnext/.

It helped me to find this page of Stefan Goßner:

This information is about ShgarePoint 2019 but the message and even the error code is identical.

So I installed the lastest available “language dependent” patch of January 2022:

After installing it and after running the config wizard all the pages contents are shown!

SharePoint User Information List URL (REMINDER)

This is the link to the SharePoint User Information List:

The bold part must be replaced by the SharePoint site collection URL.

The interesting part is this: /_catalogs/users/simple.aspx

For example:

/sites/finance is the site collection part of the URL in this case.

This list is a special system list but it’s based on the “normal” list mechanism of SharePoint. Therefore it has an ID and by knowing that you can open the settings page of the list.

If you opend the User Information List using the URL above in Firefox, Edge, Chrome,… you can select the surrounding table and grab the list ID from the HTML DOM:

With this ID you can open the settings page:{F9780EA0-8B18-47E1-88BF-7C9543561C58}